Jul. 8th, 2020 12:00 am
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I have a new blog for my sims 2 creations and stuff: lavaya-creations

Due to personal reasons I decided to move away from dw. I am still going to provide update pics and links to the new download page here. Thanks for your understanding. :)

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Again a retexture of one of my favorite Coolsims meshes. I think it looks gorgeous and kind of elegant on female sims.

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I am so sorry for being late today but I had some technical issues with my lovely PC. -.-

Download here

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For today I chose this adorable bow for your sim ladies, who are still little girls deep inside.

Download here
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Hooray, I'm in the mood to share my sims creations.
Over at paranoid I've already posted a big hair update.

This time I have a sim for you and I really hope you like him because it's been a while since I came up with a sim.
His name is Douglas. He hung around for ages in my bodyshop and I had choosen him as a contribution to an easter special at a german forum. Now it's time to post him here as well. :P

Use him however you want, but please attention my policy (teh standard stuff) above.

CC-free version is available, too!

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(no need to register!)

For those of you who'd like to get him cc-free I also offer a version without custom content:

Click preview pic

Enjoy. :)

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After a long break I've retextured again.

But first, I've an important announcement:

PeachT and Lavaya proudly present  [community profile] paranoid_creations ! 

We even have a button for this community :

What is it about? Well, since we are already "working together" (most of the time I am bothering her with questions :D) we decided to create an area, where we both can mix and share our items.


And now I'd like to present my newest hair download:

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Hi again!
Today I had a little surgery: Two of my four wisdom teeth have been removed. It was not as horrible as I imagined it could be but still I don't think I'm gonna remove the remaining teeth. :/

As I was back at home at 9 o'clock I had enough time to finish with retexturing this older Newsea mesh.
I hope you'll find it useful.

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Hi there,

finally, I'm posting my first hair set on my new shiny dw.
I had to tweak my layout a bit last night 'cause it didn't work as I wanted but now I can say that I'm highly satisfied. :D

What I got for you today:

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